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24 Juin

Receiving is an art at Bernardaud, the French luxury house

At the Court of Versailles in the 17th century, Louis XIV managed to establish his political power through a flamboyant art of living. By the way, it is him that made known the French art of living throughout Europe. Ever since, the French know-how continues to fascinate…

It is worth adding that in the African tradition receiving goes beyond social foundations. It is also a cultural value, a token of respect and moments of convivial exchange. Therefore, more often than not the African hosts put out all the stops; the art of feasting, of shining makes its big entrance.


Inevitably I focus on the Bernardaud house, one of the most renowned porcelain houses for the last 150 years. The house offers to its international clientele exquisite porcelain treasures, a texture often referred to as “white gold”.

Genuine worldwide actor of the decorative arts and of excellence, the Bernardaud factory situated in Limoges, the Mecca of the French porcelain, employs craftsmen who carry out their work entirely by hand with passion and who handle precious metals such as gold or platinum with grandeur.

Expresso cup « ANNO » and « GOLD GOBLET »

Tea cup « VENISE »

Without ego-trip ostentation. Precision, refinement and elegance are the watchwords in this world, made of satiny gilding and of shapes imagined by ingenious designers.

Member of the very exclusive Comité Colbert, an association to promote the French luxury whose president is none other than Michel Bernardaud, the house perpetuates its traditional know-how while following its far-seeing intuition. Indeed, the house collaborates with big names of the contemporary art, such as, recently, the renowned artist Jeff Koons or Marc Chagall.

Very bold, around the world the Bernardaud house also undertakes special orders for prestigious restaurants, hotels and heads of state and companies. A confidential production is offered to disciples of the supreme luxury such as gold relief and incrustation. Inviting itself in an elegant manner to each of our pleasant moments, for my photo shooting the Parisian boutique decorated its table with its splendid botanic collection (one of my favorite services) along with wedding cakes made out of Ladurée’s macarons.


In order to perfect the setting, the watch “Eclat de rire” from « Les précieuses » collection dedicated to dazzling and passionate women, studded with 242 diamonds. The twisted, yellow gold strands of the bracelet wrap themselves sensually around my wrist. Created by Giselle Ruffer, the Swiss watchmaker Delance produces unique pieces and aims to be an ode to femininity!

And because each detail counts, I am wearing here a necklace made of white gold, and studded with black and white diamonds, this piece of jewelry is the perfect match between power and femininity all by itself. And what a glow on the skin!

Designed by the talented chamferer Nathalie Jean-Louis, this unique piece of the Delley jewelry brand highlights at the same time the artistic talent of the designer and her know-how in the field of Swiss top of the range watch decoration.  

On the table, the « BOTANIC » service. This service was commissioned in 1829 by the Prince William II of Hesse to the Manufacture Royale de Sevres and is probably the only example of this type produced by this factory. As its name suggests, Botanic service consists in a flower pattern. Each piece is decorated with a single variety of flowers which are always arranged in the shape of a crown with extremely rich colors, often in shades of the same tone, never monotonous or frozen and always a great realism.


Photos: Boris Persikoff