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23 Juin

New standards & contemporary cuisine, the places to eat in Accra

Previously, I described to you the energy of the charming city of Accra. Today, I would like to reveal my favorite Accra restaurants that stand out from the rest.



Santoku restaurant


At my arrival, the reception was at the same time kind and warm, the table setup irreproachable. Welcome to Accra!

This bespoke restaurant and its Feng Shui atmosphere welcomes an elegant clientele and guests such as the presidential family.

Obviously the place stands out thanks to the furniture designed by Hubert de Givenchy, but also due to the Sino-Japanese inspired decorating style with African influences chosen with a lot of good taste.

You get the feeling of travelling around the world, but without jet lag; this intimate setting offers a contemporary cuisine that I can describe as an explosive fusion between Japanese and Brazilian influences.

Situated at the foot of the Villaggio, Santoku suggests a generous and refined appetizer that carries you away on a culinary journey.

The bold combination between traditional dishes from the Land of the Rising Sun and a hint of sun-filled spices from South America leave you impressed by the creativity of the chef. Indeed, the chef Adriano Kanashiro genuinely puts his heart and soul into his cooking. He successfully manages to sprinkle on these dishes his magnificent legacy that appeals to all our senses; we are hungry for more!


What else? A special mention to the Beef Fillet with Prikare sauce. If I were you I wouldn’t miss this place for the world! Probably, the best Japanese restaurant in Africa.

Infos: N, 16 N Airport Rd, Accra, Ghana /  +233 54 431 1511 /

Private dining room


Sushi preparation at Santoku restaurant

Santoku landscape view


Urban Grill Ghana


This time I’m taking a seat at a table of the Urban Grill restaurant . With a modern art decor, the restaurant addresses a hype clientele made almost entirely of business people. The restaurant menu evolves according to the creativity of the team in the kitchen, and gets its inspiration from an latin and african cuisine with a hint of local flavors that make all the difference.

An example? A delicious prime rib of beef served with mashed plantain bananas. A delicacy that melts in your mouth!

Then, when the lights go dim in the restaurant, the pleasant evening continues on the terrace that becomes a dance floor. The wall garden which reminds me of the one of the Pershing Hall in Paris sets the scene of this cozy space ideal for the after-work parties.

The Afro-electro sounds, RnB and other international hits make the Stanbic Heights building rock until late in the night.


What else? I highly recommend this place.

Infos: N liberation link, Accra, Ghana / +233 24 666 6000

Private lunch room

On the terrace


Delicious sorbet at Urban grill


Urban Grill to Coco Lounge restaurant


In what I am concerned the most unusual thing is this private access worthy of an English box office spy movie. A passage that gets you to the VIP lounge which is entirely carpeted with photos tracing back the history of the Dom Pérignon champagne (cover picture).

Situated in the Coco Lounge restaurant, this space for members only is made available for private meetings over dinner, a cigar or a glass of champagne.


Behind this success hides an inspiring story; that of Giselle Mastrosanti, the manager of those establishments.

Well before creating YOLO Experiences, a company setting the new standards in food and beverage hospitality, as well as the arenas of art, lifestyle retail, fashion and design in West Africa. Giselle left her native Brazil in order to go live her dream in London;  then, she fought her way to the top of the catering industry while falling in love with Ghana.

Living in Accra for over 20 years now, this incredibly passionate and humble by nature business woman does not hesitate to muck in. Between London and Accra she recruits talented London chefs, participates in creating the menus, tests the dishes, commits to the training of her employees, etc. A genuine hands-on person!


Special thanks to Giselle Mastrosanti and Yolo Experiences Team for your warm welcome.


Inside at Coco Lounge