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14 Mar

The Kure Bazaar Suite at Park Hyatt Vendôme-Paris

The Parisian chic has always had a sort of indescribable something: tremendously elegant and naturally sophisticated!. Nested under the rooftop of the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme hotel, the Suite 601 is the nail beauty salon with a concept that resembles no other.


This destination, rare due to its unique concept, represents an exceptional environment that offers magical rituals in the Suite of a Parisian luxury hotel custom designed for the occasion.


This space, nicely decorated with the furniture of the contemporary designers Aurelien Deleuze and the French-Japanese architects from Autenta studio, is arrayed by vibrant colors that remind the unique range of nail polish colors proposed by the Parisian brand.


In what concerns the Park Hyatt Vendôme-Paris hotel signature, it insinuated itself discreetly in the suite decoration through its unavoidable gilding. Thus the stage is set to allow yourself the luxury of a pleasant time just for you or for 1 or 2 friend(s) by privatizing the suite.

4 - Suite 601 - Nail Suite by Kure Bazaar - Park Hyatt Paris VendomeYour telephone set on mute, comfortably sited in an armchair designed by the designer Fritz Hansen with a cup of Mariage Frères tea, the ritual can begin. 

The expert with magic hands, as discreet as delicate, Nina is paying close attention to your comfort. With a keen eye on detail, she creates a work of art. Even better, the treatments are environmentally friendly (because sustainable development represents the future of the luxury business) and playful (a wink to the foot ritual using avocado that you slip on like you would with socks: very well thought).

In order to brighten up even more this sweet moment, the Suite 601 proposes to its guests its own detox drinks specially imagined by the hotel and available through the hotel’s room service. A delicious idea especially when you find out that all the products used in the rituals are painless due to their natural formulas based on wood pulp, cotton, maize, potato and wheat (odor-free).

The very efficient top coat of the brand adds the finishing touch to the ritual, in exactly 8 minutes: gloss and drying are flawless. Turning on my phone, the notifications come pouring in; I am ready for my meeting that takes place just around the corner from the hotel.

8 - Suite 601 - Nail Suite by Kure Bazaar - Park Hyatt Paris Vendome 

     The ultimate:

  • Putting away calmly the free nail varnish without scratching your nail polish at the end of the ritual
  • Painless products
  • The top coat that saves you a lot of time
  • Privatizing the space
  • The delicious Park Hyatt Vendôme hotel’s room service menu


Created in 2013 by the Parisian Kartika Luyet, Kure Bazaar is the first new generation nail polish that combines the ethics of an environmentally friendly formula with the vibrant colors of fashion.


The brand, together with renowned researchers, decides to focus on 3 main points:

– an up to 85% natural origin formula based on wood pulp, maize, potato and wheat;

– a technological innovation, with the reduction of chemical substances (petrochemical derivatives);

– a new philosophy: preserving nail vitality while respecting the nail natural renewal cycle.

Photos: Kure Bazaar, Jacqueline Mpii