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1 Jan

Alphadi, the prince of desert

Alphadi,the Magician of the Desert, has been brilliantly delighting the universe of African haute couture around the world for over 30 years now. In the welcoming salons of the Four Seasons Hotel Georges V in Paris, Alphadi shared with us his recipe for success and his vision of Africa. 

MP: When you were a child, what was your childhood dream job?

Alphadi : Being short, I wanted to become a movie actor, but my parents were firmly opposed. So while pursuing my education in tourism in Niger, I also dedicated myself to singing, dancing; in other words, other ways of expressing my artistic side. After obtaining my PhD Degree in tourism, I occupied the Director position in the Nigerian Tourist Information Center in Niamey for 7 years; afterwards I got into design.

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Portrait and cover from Alphadi House

You are a fashion designer, businessman, philanthropist, festival organizer, UNESCO Ambassador for Peace;

How do you manage to juggle all these activities at once?

Thanks to ambition, to my capacity for hard work, to perseverance and to the fact that I can appreciate the true value of things. 

In your opinion, what is your recipe for success?

Self-confidence, independence, being yourself, strength of character. Nothing is easy, but efforts are always rewarded.

In the current tense socioeconomic context worldwide, Africa emerges with positive and promising economic indicators. The continent is up-and-coming.

How do you perceive this emergence?

This emergence is a confirmation of the existence of the continent’s great potential, still unexplored. The opportunities are numerous, with an increasing working population that has the means and is ready to invest much more. As it happens, your clientele is international, you dress in particular the elites of the continent, but also a new public: the rising middle class that doesn’t hesitate to consume anymore.


What does this new socio-professional category represent to you in terms of business?

The middle class has become a major market share in my business. Beforehand, the wealth gap between the privileged class and the middle class was wide, but the circumstances reduced this gap which is excellent news for business.


In your opinion, what is African luxury?

I think that African luxury is having the possibility to invest, to travel, dress well and to discover the world; a continent with top-notch services and exceptional products.

However, I would also like to add that the recurring issue remains the absence of support from African financial partners that nonetheless have the financial and technological means. In order to succeed, we have to work and stick together.

Working with Alphadi on a daily basis is…?

High standards, rigor and passion.

What is your motto?

Give to others and love the other.

The last book you read?

“Don’t Be Sad”,by Aidh Al Quarni

Your next challenges?

Developing the House Alphadi, the opening of the first fashion school in Niamey, a unique concept in Africa.

A contemporary art gallery is also being prepared in Niamey.

Promising prospects ahead…

Alphadi online: // Facebook //FIMA